Beaver Valley Software

Beaver Valley Software has been offering software since 1998. We offer software for hobbyists and website owners. For the hobbyist we offer software that keeps track of different collections. We have been offering Comic Book Millennium to comic book collectors since 1998. And for the website owners, we help them with their PayPal payment options with the PayPal Button Creator. We also offer applications for developers like our Help Writer and Easy Code Signing.
Please look around the site and see what we offer.


We offer several different applications for keeping track of collections such as Comic Book Millennium. New versions of our Book and Movie programs are being worked on. We also offer a Football Pool program for those that want to run a Pick'em Football pool at the office or at home.

Website Tools

We offer the PayPal Button Creator for those that want to accept PayPal payments on their website. It can create HTML, XHTML, Flash and ActionScript buttons. In addition, it can do certificate encryption of the button code to protect it from malicious hackers looking to change the price.


We offer several different programs for developers. First we have the Help Writer program. It will create Documentation for programs that they wrote. Also we have the RegKey Maker which creates and encrypts registration keys for their programs. We also offer Easy Code Signing which signs the programs that they create.